Pre-Owned X-Ray Equipment

SOLD - 2004 Siemens Iconos R200 R/F

SOLD - 2004 Siemens Iconos R200 R/F

Under Siemens Service 
System Installed January 2005 
Overtable Fluoroscopy System for Universal Applications 
Remote and Tableside Control 
Intuitive User Concept and Modular Architecture 
Excellent Image Quality with FLUOROSPOT Imaging System 
High Frequency Polydoras SX 80 Generator, 3 phase, 480 power, 80 kW 
Floor Mounted Tube Stand, and Ceiling Mounted Tube Stand 
System Tube Placed: 8/9/2012
Floating Tube: Original
B/W Flat Screen Control Room Monitor 
Iconos R200 Remote Table 
DCS-1 Flat Ceiling Suspension 
3D Top Longitudinal Rails 
3D Top Transverse Bridge and Tube Suspension 
Fluorospot Compact Container (under counter) 
Available: September 15th
Location: Texas
Reference #: 2016-1557

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