Pre-Owned X-Ray Equipment

SOLD - 2008 GE Precision 500D Rad Fluoro

SubModality: Flouro
Image Intensifier: 16"
Tube System Type: Over Table
Software: magic-config_prod_Ishtar 1.0
tao_linux_release 6.1G1.0
atlas_linux_release, 6.1G1.0
SysConfig_Linux 62.6.1E
Saber_release 2.3.12J.6.1G_62
Lul_ishtar_linux_release, 5.2.3
Fightrecorder 10.1A.ATL.6.1G_TAO
Mcf_release 1.1.5
Digital SW Release ATHENA_AURORA_1.5.2.2
Second Plane: Yes
Table Mounting: Floor
Tilt Capacity: 90/90
Flat Panel Monitor
Available: March 24th
Location: New York
Reference #: 2016-1822

Beacon International Medical Systems UK Limited

Beacon International Medical Systems UK Limited, headquartered in Hampshire, UK, is a leading provider of pre-owned Medical Imaging Equipment including MRI, PET/CT, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound and Mammography Radiology Equipment throughout Europe.